Team Defiant has won the favoured pin end start of Race 7 after a hard-faught prestart with numerous dial ups. Terry is now pinning Honour on a long tack to the port lay line.

At the first windward mark, Team Defiant is carrying a 23 second lead over Honour. Terry was able to force the competition past the starboard layline then reach down to the mark.

Team Defiant's lead at the first bottom mark is 35 seconds, a gain of 12 seconds on the downwind. A slight delay in hoisting the jib proved immaterial after the crew quickly rectified the situation. Team Defiant's brilliant tacking on the upwinds continues to be an advantage.

The delta separating Team Defiant and Honour at the second weather mark is 47 seconds. Conditions are lightening, but Team Defiant is still well in control with a faster chute set.

Team Defiant's lead at the bottom mark is 44 seconds as the breeze freshens for the final upwind of race 7.

At the final windward mark, Team Defiant's lead is now 55 seconds. Both boats are now heading down on starboard gybe.

Defiant wins by about 45 seconds. The trials are over. Defiant wins 7-0. Kudos to Team Honour for sailing a good, hard fought series. They were close every race and pushed Defiant to sail their best.

For Team Defiant stage 2 starts tomorrow in the defence of the Canada's Cup!