New Rules on Optimist Blades

The 2004 International Optimist Class Rules include rule amendments adopted in 2004 that pertain to the design and construction of daggerboards and rudders. The amendments change the previously accepted design and construction parameters, rendering many existing daggerboards and rudders non-conforming to the amendments.

Rule amendments 3.3.6 and 3.4.6 also provide that daggerboards and rudders  “presented for first measurement before March 1, 2005”  may continue to be used with the exception of :
(a) the 2006 and later IODA World Championships and
(b) the 2007 and later IODA Continental Championships.

For the 2006 World and 2007 Continental Championships and years afterwards, daggerboards and rudders shall conform to the new design and construction amendments adopted in 2004.

Because of the logistical challenges in Canada of measuring by March 1, 2005 all of the Optimist rudders and daggerboards in existence in Canada, with the exception of those blades already measured and stickered by the USODA/CODA, the CODA Executive has decided to deem all Optimist daggerboards and rudders in Canada as having been “presented for first measurement before March 1, 2005” with the goal of the measurement process by CODA being completed for those rudders and daggerboards as soon as reasonably possible, but not later than March 1,2006.

CODA has decided to keep in line with USODA decision making (amendments), as it makes sense to synchronize our rules with theirs for attending North American regattas. The above has therefore been adapted from the USODA ruling. Blades can be presented at the Canadian Championship to be measured. If you need to measure your old style foil but cannot attend the Canadians in Halifax in August, please contact Mickey at CODA.